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Trockener Steg and Furi, Zermatt, Switzerland

12 October 2014

I got up for breakfast at 9:45am – I was tired but the hotel had a good spread for breakfast. After breakfast I headed back to bed and only got ready to go out by 12:30pm. It was cloudy and cold with a little drizzle. I decided to try and follow the advice the girls gave me the day before on the Gornegrat Bahn. I walked for 20 minutes to the cable car station for Furi, Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and Schweitzee.

zermatt matterhorn express cable station

matterhorn glacier paradise cable car in zermatt

I was informed that Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and Schweitzee were closed due to high winds (over 75km/h). I could go to Tockenar Steg (one stop below Matterhorn Glacier Paradise).

map metterhorn glacier paradise

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise has all-year skiing on offer. They have machines to create artificial snow and the ski route ends in Trockener Gret.

trockener steg skiing from materhorn glacier paradise

It was freezing cold at Trockener Steg (2939m).

trockener steg cable car station

I could only get a good view of the Glacier, ski ramp and surrounding mountains.

zermatt trockener steg mountain background

The buildings in Zermatt looked so tiny from where I was.

zermatt from trockener steg

trockener steg trail signs swss alps

I had cup of Swiss hot chocolate at the restaurant. To be honest I don’t know what’s so special about it. It tastes quite… regular.

travpacker cap trockener steg

At the Trockener Steg cable station I saw many snowboarders and skiers returning from Matterhorn Glacier Paradise (the cable car stop above which was closed due to high winds).

snowboarders and skiiers from matterhorn glacier paradise

On the cable car ride down (which was carrying about 10 people) I was surprised to meet an Indian family from Durban, South Africa. They were on vacation in Europe, next stop being a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise.  They’d be visiting similar destinations that I visited on my cruise with the Celebrity Reflection in 2013.

matterhorn glacier paradise cable car

The full return ticket was 65CHF from Zermatt to Furi to Trockener Steg and back. I wanted to hike from Furi to Zermatt on my way back but still had to purchase the cable ticket to Zermatt as it was more expensive to not purchase it (67CHF), even though I wouldn’t be using that final leg of the cable car.

zermatt to furi cable

It’s a 1.5hrs hike from Furi to Zermatt.

trail furi to zermatt

furi trail signs

There was a little drizzle during my hike.

furi to zermatt trail greenery
Zaid Mahomedy on Furi to Zermatt Trail travpacker.com

I walked through beautiful meadows, farmhouses and huts.

cabin in the woods furi to zermatt

I found it interesting to see homes with the year it was built listed on it.

numbered house on furi trail zermatt

farm houses trail furi to zermatt

There is a nice river beside parts of the trail that also runs through town.

waterfall above zermatt

Once I got to my hotel in Zermatt I rested a little.

Supper was at Molino Pizzeria. I loved the décor.

molino pizzeria zermatt

Before turning in that night I took a short stroll through town to see what other activities are available in Zermatt.

zermatt town stores evening

Air Taxi offers paragliding in the area.

air taxi zermatt

Beyard Sports offers activities, gear sales and rental for a number of adventure sports including mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding in Zermatt.

Beyard Sports store

Their pricelist.

Beyard Sports pricelist rental and buy

The Matterhorn Museum was located besides my hotel but I never had a chance to visit it.

matterhorn museum zermatt

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