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Organising yourself for a long-haul flight.

What do you carry on-board a long flight, in your pockets and in the over-head compartment?

Seems like a simple enough question, but I typically see people pack so differently from me (and I’m not saying they are all wrong); and also people who are continuously shuffling around – trying to find their ticket, a pen or their wallet.

I typically wear a trail/hiking pants and t-shirt on the plane, with comfortable shoes. Why not jeans? Because jeans are darn-uncomfortable after you sit with them for 6+ hours, and they don’t have as many pockets as a trail/hiking pants.

In my pockets I have a PacSafe chained wallet which is locked to my belt loop – no pick-pocketer is getting away with my money! Pockets include my boarding pass, ticket/booking confirmation for my next transport link and accommodation, a pen, passport and camera. These items are typically required by immigration, airline staff, or lost baggage, so its better to have easy access to it (except for the camera –  sometimes you see STRANGE or extraordinary things that you may want to record). Keep your passport/camera in a safe pocket.

Next comes my backpack / carry-on-luggage. I have some extra cash in it, glasses/sunglasses, a buff (these things are useful in SO MANY situations), sweater &/or jacket, toiletry bag, a spare t-shirt (in case my flight gets delayed and I need a fresh new shirt), all my travel itineraries, netbook, phone and any other valuables. My bag also has a padlock on it – which I now use at all times. I don’t want someone putting their hand inside and stealing my IPAD (that happened to me as I was getting off the train at Casablanca airport)

That’s basically how I move… Light with essentials, and organised!

Obviously those travelling with families and kids will have different packing requirements.

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