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Make it an adventure

Like the sound of doing something bold? Something exciting or risky, or just stepping outside your comfort zone for a while? Then it’s time to add a bit of adventure to your next holiday.

The good news is that adding that extra dimension to your break doesn’t have to be expensive and you needn’t travel far. Here’s the Holiday Lettings guide to the ultimate adventure holidays.


Adventurous activities

Hiking – start small and walk your way up to longer and more challenging hikes. Most country areas offer great hiking opportunities, so book yourself a self-catering cottage, strap on your boots and get out there.

On two wheels – take to the road and pedal away. From easy stages along a river (e.g. the Thames or Danube) to more challenging rides (e.g. Land’s End to John O’Groats), cycling makes for a great adventure holiday.

On water – catch the waves on a board (surf, kite or long), paddle sedately in a canoe or ride the white waters on a raft. You could even take your water adventure to the next level and learn to sail a yacht.

Be extreme – throw yourself off a high place with a bungee jump, ski off-piste or run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Take to the air – ascend in a hot air balloon or challenge yourself with a spot of hang gliding or even a parachute jump.

Under water – explore the marine world from the surface with a snorkel or learn to scuba dive to the fishy depths where the oceans really are your oyster.

Zip it – get a bird’s eye view of life as you zip along at up to 130kph. Try Europe’s longest zip wire in Snowdonia for a real adrenalin rush.

Amazing feats

Achieve a goal on your holiday – not necessarily a world record, but definitely a tick on your list of personal feats.

It could be about climbing a mountain. We might not be talking Everest here (then again, why not?), but what about the highest in your area? It might not be as difficult as you think, as lots of high peaks have trains or cable cars to help you up a lot of the way, e.g. Snowdonia in Wales or the Teide in Tenerife.


Challenging cultures

Stay in a place where they do things completely differently and you’ll experience daily life from a new cultural perspective. It’ll be a real adventure and will help you to see the world, and your own culture, through new eyes.

Different destinations

Do you always tend to go to the same sort of place on holiday? If you’re stuck in a beach-break rut perhaps it’s time to think outside the sand castle. Consider a big city break, an island hop, a desert trek, a wine tour…

Going solo

Perhaps the ultimate adventure is going it alone. You could take a break with just yourself for company – walk a pilgrim’s way or take off to a spiritual retreat – or join others going solo. Who knows who you might meet and where it might lead.

Once in a lifetime

This kind of adventure holiday is usually a one-off because here we’re talking long distance and big money. But the travel and cash involved are usually more than worth it. Your bucket list probably runs to pages, but it might include:

  • Seeing the Northern Lights
  • Swimming with whales in Western Australia
  • Glacier-spotting in Patagonia
  • Riding the Trans-Siberian Express
  • Turtle-watching on the Galapagos
  • Staying in luxury on an exclusive Caribbean island

Patagonia Glaciers

Here’s to your happy holiday adventures.

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