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Itinerary of my expedition to Antarctica

I travelled to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions on the Ocean Diamond on a voyage from 29 December 2013 until 7 January 2014.

You can read about my reasons to visit Antarctica here, and my review of the Ocean Diamond with Quark Expeditions here.

I would like to outline the high level itinerary of places visited in this article. Detailed day-by-day accounts of my expedition will be published soon.

Here is a high level map of the voyage. We crossed through the Drake Passage in the Scotia Sea to get from Ushuaia (lying near the southern tip of South America) to the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

A copy of the daily bridge briefing report which shows the places that were visited and the conditions of those days.

Ocean Diamond Schedule

Due to a medical emergency on 30 December the ship had to change course and head for King George Island which has an airstrip for medical evacuations.

The furthest south that we reached was on 4 January at Petermann Island when we were at 65º10.6’S / 064º07.5’W. We did not attempt to cross the Antarctic Circle (66º33’S) on this expedition which is not easy to achieve (due to the high levels of ice).

Here is the passenger slideshow compiled from a number of photos that a number of people submitted, including myself. One of the passengers uploaded this to Youtube:

I visited Antarctica on the Ocean Diamond with Quark Expeditions, and booked my trip at the last minute with Sarah at Freestyle Adventure Travel – whom I highly recommend!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

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