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The Future will be Digital

Throughout the 2014 Gartner Symposium/ ITxpo Africa  in Cape Town one of the key messages that we heard was that everything will become digital in some way in the future.

Since the dawn of the internet era companies started digitising various aspects of their business, e.g. Advertising; CRM, ERP & core systems; sales and servicing processes. However we now see move to where the core products being offered by companies are now being digitized.

And it affects all industries.

We’ve already seen this happen in the music industry, media industry (books and newspapers), with cameras, smartphones and now e-cigarettes.

Some examples of new products being digitized:



Companies, ask yourselves:

If companies don’t take action and start working on a digital strategy will they be able to survive in the digital era?

This means that CIO’s need to also start working on a digital plan and make sure that they are still relevant in the near future.

It’s not only a challenge for CIO’s, it’s a personal opportunity for them to extend their influence:

For entrepreneurs there is good news: there are plenty of opportunities out there for you in this digital era

The Gartner Symposium also had sessions with advice on how we should approach innovation and prepare our businesses for a digital future

A digital business cannot operate without the right information. Find out how information drives it by reading this Q&A:

This has left me asking myself the question:

I will be leaving the 2014 Gartner Symposium with some good ideas, thanks to the great information shared by the Gartner analysts.

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